Street Fighter Flash

Street Fighter ROM is a game that was created by Capcom company in 1987. Then several sequels have been released: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV... This series was at its maximum popularity in the end of eighties, and in the beginning of nineties. The first Street Fighter games were totally arcade, and then they were transfered to almost all known game and portable consoles from the 3-rd to 7-th generation. In 1994 the movie "Street Fighter" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, was released, however it didn't become popular and didn't get high marks from critics.

The game was appreciated much more highly than the movie, as it was a revolution in computer gaming industry, bringing fighting genre to new heights.

You can play Street Fighter flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Street Fighter Online.

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