Street Fighter Online

Unfortunately, the games of Fighting genre usually happen to become popular on consoles but not on PC. It is strange because PC has better hardware, it is always faster than its more compact relatives. Probably it is all about the computer customers, who tend to ignore this genre. Being more precise, it is respectable among PC users, but mostly thanks to its rareness. And if there are as many fighting games on PC as on consoles, then all the users will become totally indifferent.

However things are not as bad as it seems. Mortal Kombat series is a great exclusion. Street Figther online is another one. In general, Street Fighter is a very typical fighting game. We have a choice of figthters from different parts of the world. Each character is unique and has his/her own special features. For example, Indian can stretch his hands, Sumo can switch on a "propeller", Chineze girl is able to perform a super kick. So there is something to choose from. The graphics are also attractive. Nice animation, beautiful backgrounds, and, the characters themselves. The artists tried their best. The game looks like a strong Mortal Kombat competitor. However together with pluses there are some disadvantages also.

What is the most important for fighting? Model of fights, of course. I.e., the organization of the battle, how the character responds to pressing the buttons, the variety of kicks and punches, balance of different moves. All of these things exist in Street Fighter game except one - balance. Unfortunately, there is not a shade of balance in this game. Let me give you a simple example. I won the whole game playing for Indian by using just one simple kick. And I did this by just standing in one position. This is not a single example, I could name several other bugs in Street Fighter online of the same kind. So the playing interest decreases. Especially when you play against the computer.

The gameplay in Street Fighter game seems much better if you play against human. If you negotiate not to drive each other to the screen borders and to give each other an opportunity to stand up. This definitely beautiful and perspective game is surely worth a try.

You can play Street Fighter classic directly on this page.

Click left mouse button to start. Use arrows to move, and A, S, D, Z, X, C to kick or punch.